Reading the Sharealytics graph

What is Sharealytics?

Sharealytics provides analytic insights into social media sharing. Sharealytics tracks the spread of marketing widgets across Facebook and Twitter, revealing the amount of traffic, signups, and sales driven by sharing. Field research from Topspin's own Creative Services team has shown that sharing Topspin widgets to Facebook and Twitter can drive an additional 10 percent of traffic to artist campaigns, making social media sharing an integral part of any comprehensive direct-to-fan strategy. Sharealytics delivers real, actionable data to artists on the effectiveness of social campaigns and word-of-mouth marketing.

The Sharealytics graph

When you log into your Topspin account, you'll see a Sharealytics graph on your Dashboard. This graph displays aggregate Sharealytics data for Facebook and Twitter across all shared widgets in your account. The Sharealytics measurements displayed here include: 

  • Shares: The total number of times your widgets were shared to social media on a given day
  • Clicks: The total number of visits to your widgets originating from Facebook or Twitter on a given day. Facebook controls most data that is generated within Facebook, so "clicks" are registered only when a user clicks the link to your widget and is directed out of Facebook. Clicks will be recorded for the vast majority of Facebook users, but a user with Secure Browsing disabled may actually join your mailing list within Facebook without registering a click. 
  • Clicks Per Share: Total clicks divided by total shares on a given day
  • Plays: The total of number of plays of your songs and videos driven by fan sharing. If you post a player on your site, and I share it to Facebook, and my brother plays the song as a result of my share, that’s a play driven by sharing.
  • Signups: The total number of email list signups driven by fan sharing. This is fans making more fans.
  • Dollars: The total number of sales ($) driven by fan sharing. Your fans are your best marketers. Now you can see the sales they create.


You can choose to view your total Clicks, Shares, or Clicks per Share ratio (total clicks divided by total shares):


You can limit or broaden your displayed time period for a targeted measurement:


Aggregate stats are displayed for your selected period of measurement:


Sharealytics metrics are recorded only for interactions that take place via social media. Because of this, the data displayed in your Dashboard Sharealytics graph will likely only represent a portion of your overall fan interactions. Total interactions across the web can be seen in your Marketing and Sales Data graph. 

Sharealytics for individual widgets

When you publish a Topspin Email for Media widgetStreaming Player, or Offer, a Sharelytics graph specific to your widget will be created within the details page of the widget itself. This graph will display data relevant only to the selected widget. In all other respects, this graph will function identically to the graph on your Dashboard (see above). Let's say you've created an Email for Media (E4M) widget to give away a new track. When your fans begin sharing the widget to Facebook and Twitter, data will begin to populate your Sharealytics graph (please allow 10 minutes for individual events to appear).


Sharing your widgets

All Topspin Email for Media widgetsStreaming Players, and Offers contain Facebook and Twitter share links by default. To share one of your own players or E4Ms directly from your account, just "test" your widget and use the share links. Prior to purchasing, fans can share individual offers right from your Spinshop, and upon checkout, fans will have another opportunity to "share" a purchased offer to Facebook or Twitter:


Sharealytics is a creation of Topspin's own Creative Services team and is powered by our friends at

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