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Use Topspin tools to collect emails anywhere

The email-for-media widget is one of our most popular features, allowing you to give out downloads in exchange for an email address. Using our Bleach tool, you'll be able to gather addresses anywhere you are able to enter a custom URL.

This method will allow you to display your Topspin sign up widget over any URL, allowing users to join your mailing list without being redirected away from your Soundcloud page. Fans obtained through any Topspin widget are immediately added to your account, and can be sorted in your Fans tab.

Create your widget in Topspin

The exchange of media for an email address is powered by your Topspin widget. You'll need to first create this in your Products tab. Grab your campaign ID and widget ID to use in Bleach.

Copy your Bleach "Preview" URL

Set up the details of your Bleach widget, including the cover image, and destination where you want to point fans after they click to confirm their address. After you have saved your widget, navigate to the top of the configuration page.

You will find your Bleach widget's "preview" URL, which is the exact address you will be using in your Soundcloud player. This URL will display your sign-up form as an iFrame over the page you've set up in the "What page do you want fans to download from?" field. Copy this address to use in the next steps over on Soundcloud.

Bleach URL = Soundcloud buy link

Paid Soundcloud accounts allow users to include a "buy" button on their player. You'll be able to edit the text that displays, as well as the URL by clicking into the advanced settings for that particular track. In this case, the button is set up to display "Free Download" which will display in the like/comment/download area below the wave form of your track. When clicked, this will direct to the URL set up as the "Buy Link" in your settings.

Make sure to disable Soundcloud downloads for the track when using this method. Otherwise, your player will display two download links, one direct download, and one link to your Bleach widget. Save your settings, and fans will now be able to sign up for your mailing list anywhere the player is embedded on the web.

When your custom download link is clicked, fans will be redirected to your Bleach widget, and will be prompted to enter their email address. They will go through the standard double opt-in process, and a confirmation link will be sent to their address, verifying that they are a real human. When they click the Confirm & Download button in their inbox, they will be directed to the URL you have set up for your widget, and a direct download link will be provided as an iFrame over the page.

Direct fans back to your Soundcloud page to download

When fans click "Confirm & Download" they will be pointed to the URL you've set up for that widget. A Bleach widget will allow you to control where fans are dropped off after they complete their download. Using this will allow you to direct traffic back to your Soundcloud, or any other page fans may find more offers to download or purchase.

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