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If you'd like to allow fans to listen to your newest track without being able to download, you'll be able to achieve this by gating your streaming player. This can be achieved by using a combination of Topspin tools.

Upload your media

You'll need to first upload the track or video you want to stream to your account. You'll find detailed instructions on how to do this here.

Set up metadata and album art

Track or video information (as well as album art when streaming audio) will be displayed in your streaming player. You'll find how to edit each of these in your Products tab here.

Set up an E4M to collect emails

Your Topspin E4M is what will power the email collection. Create one in your Promote tab if you have not already. You'll find detailed instructions here.

Set up streaming player

You'll be able to create your streaming player in your Promote tab as well. Instructions on how to get set up can be found here.

Set up your iframe anywhere

Now that you've set up each of your tools to power this, you'll be able to configure your E4M to display the player only after a fan has confirmed their email. You'll be able to set up your iframe anywhere tool here:

1. Select iframe anywhere.
2. Enter your Artist Name.
3. Enter your Artist ID. You can find this in your Artist Profile.
4. Enter the URL your iframe will display over. This is the URL where you want to embed your E4M widget.
5. Enter the name of your campaign. This is for self reference, but make sure to name it something you'll remember.
6. Enter streaming player embed code to be iframed anywhere. You'll find this at the top-center of your streaming player configuration page.
7. Adjust the height and width to match the values of your streaming player.
8. Enter your email. A configuration link will be sent to you, and you'll need to access this to make any changes. Keep this handy and don't delete it!
9. Click save.
After the next page, you should see the image below, which shows the URL to display your iframe anywhere. This is what we'll refer to as the IFRAME CONFIRM URL.

10. Save your URL to display your iframe anywhere (IFRAME CONFIRM URL). If you DO want to share on Facebook and Twitter, scroll to the bottom of the page to see how to do this. If you DO NOT, proceed to the next section to finalize your widget.

Connect your iframe to your E4M

Now you'll be able to put each of the pieces together.

1. Log into Topspin and navigate to your Products tab.
2. Click on the Email for Media widget we created earlier.
3. Under Modify Settings, change the Confirmation URL to the IFRAME CONFIRM URL we created just above.

4. Click publish changes and copy your embed code. You can paste this embed code on your page to allow fans to start entering their email for a stream.

Creating share links

If you'd like to allow users to share your streaming player once they have unlocked with their own email address, you'll find how to do this in your iframe anywhere configuration page as shown below.

1. Navigate to the iframe anywhere link settings. Uncheck DISABLE SHARING.
2. Scroll down to Share Link Settings in your configuration page.

3. At the end of the Facebook share url is a '1.' Change the '1' to '2.'

For example, change:


4. Scroll down to Twitter Settings and edit the tweet copy.
5. Scroll down to Facebook Settings to configure.
6. Edit the Facebook headline and call to action
7. Upload a thumbnail image to use in Facebook.
8. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.
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