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Send automated emails to purchasers

Using the Postage tool, you can send automated emails to purchasers immediately upon checkout. Whether you're sending a simple thank you note, or a fully styled message with unique presale codes, this tool will allow you to immediately reward fans who buy directly from your store. Start using the tool here.

Enter your Topspin artist name and ID

These will be unique to the account you are working in. These will be found in your Artist Profile.

Choose your campaign

Your email will be sent to fans who purchase from a specific offer in your account. If you have not yet created your offer, you'll need to set this up in your Sell tab. Detailed instructions on setting up your offer can be found here.

If you'd like your email to be sent for multiple accounts, enter them in the Postage tool separated by commas as shown.

Enter your Topspin API credentials

Your API email will be the address you use to log into Topspin. Your API Key will be found in your Artist Settings.

Make sure to provide a valid contact email, as that is where your configuration URL will be sent in case you need to make any changes later on

Use mail merge for redemption codes or unique links

Using Topspin's mail merge template, you'll be able to automatically distribute unique codes or links to fans based on their purchase order. You can download the template to upload here.

Codes will be distributed in the order that they live on your .csv upload. You can send out up to 3 variable values using placeholders in your email. The template can be exported later on, and will display basic customer information associated with each automated email sent.

Compose your message

Paste in the HTML code for your email. We recommend composing your email in an outside editor, and pasting the source code into the noted field.

Use placeholders to pull data from your spreadsheet. {var1} for column 1, {var2} for column 2, {var3} for column 3. A new row of codes will be used for each purchaser. Click save to publish your tool. An email for your configuration page will be sent to the contact email upon save.

Paste Javascript where your buy button lives

NOTE: Make sure to include the noted javascript on the same page where your buy button lives. Omitting this from the page will not result in automated emails being sent. Fans will still be able to complete their purchase normally, but they will not be sent your custom post-sale email.

Test your buy button

Below the javascript, you will find buy buttons for each of the campaigns you specified during initial set up. These are live buy buttons, and you will be able to see exactly what your customers will see when purchasing.

Export your mail merge .csv

You can export the mail merge .csv at any time to see how many codes have been distributed, and who they went to.

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