Exporting full order details Follow

View all order details at once
You will be able to export full order details for any number of orders within your account. Order details will include quantity purchased, selectable attributes, and shipping information for each fan. All information can be attained from the Fulfill tab of your Topspin account.

Export from Fulfill tab

Select full order info, and click to export
Select between the following options in the drop-down menu:
  • full order info, including SKUs: This will create the most comprehensive report which will include all purchase information for the selected orders.
  • basic order info only, no SKUs: This will provide less information, and will exclude SKUs included in each order
  • line item info, no SKUs: This will provide the very basic information for each order
Right-click on the export link to save the file to your downloads folder. Each export will contain up to 10,000 orders. If you are exporting more than 10,000 orders, you will receive multiple .csv reports, with 10,000 per spreadsheet.

Updating multiple orders simultaneously
You will be able to update multiple orders by entering tracking information in column AB (Tracking Number) and changing order status in column AD (Shipped) to "TRUE." Import your updated .csv to your Fulfill tab by following the instructions noted here.

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