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Count opens and clicks

Click on a completed email send in your Promote tab to reveal stats on your email blast. You will be able to view statistics on unique opens and link clicks for all emails sent through your Topspin account. We work very closely with our email provider to surface information on your sends to help measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. Check measurable figures to track progress from send to send. We've also put together some best practices to help give your send the best chance of making it to the inbox, which you can download here.

You'll find the number of successful deliveries, as well as unique opens, to get a better feel of the responsiveness of your audience. Clicks are also recorded when fans click any link in your message, and stats on each specific URL are presented below.

Check which links were clicked the most

Topspin's click tracking will give you a better idea of how your audience responds to the emails you send. See what links attracted clicks, and which were less popular. The total number of clicks per link, as well as that particular URL's percentage of total clicks is presented. 

Stats display within 24 hours

Figures will be populated as they are available, and you may see stats as soon as 1 hour. Full stats are generally available within 24 hours of the completion of your send.

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