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Compose emails with minimal (or no) HTML

We know that not everyone is a developer, and our email editor is designed to help take some of the headache out of coding HTML emails. Although plain text emails work great, we understand users might want to add a bit of personalization to their messages. Our WYSIWYG editor will allow you to spend more time focusing on your message, rather than worrying too much about how to code font color or alignment.


Hover for help

The buttons and drop-down menus should look similar to those provided in your everyday word processor. Standard tools such as bold, italic, strikethrough and alignment will be available to conveniently format text as you compose your message. You can also use built-in fonts, colors and copy+paste functionality, just as you would in a standard text editor. Create tables, embed images, and insert links with the click of a button. Hover over any of the buttons or drop-down menus to reveal its functionality.


HTML compatible

If you already have your email coded in HTML, simply paste in the code you want sent to fans. Just click the Source button at the top-left to switch to HTML mode. Paste in your code, and then click Source again to return back to rich-text formatting. You should see your message displayed in rich-text format, similar to what will actually be sent. Send a preview email to make sure everything looks okay, and when you're ready, proceed with your send.

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