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This tutorial will show you how to create an offer for your-eyes-only so that you can "purchase" small amounts of your stock back quickly and easily. 

First log into your account (make sure you are upgraded to one of the paid tiers) and click on the SELL tab. Click the big blue button that says "Create an Offer."

Next, set up your offer with the internal name, fan facing name, description and street date. Click "Merchandise" as the Product type and pick the first product you wish to send to yourself. Do not click "Topspin Store."



Set the price to $0.00.



Then click "Require Shipping Address."  


Last click Publish!


Now you've made your first merchandise item's buy button and here's how you purchase through this buy button:


First click "Edit." 



Then click "Test Widget."


This will bring you to a page with a tiny button in the top left corner that says, "Get it Now" - click that button to get to the purchase box.

Once you see the purchase flow box - go ahead and order the amount of the stock you wish to have shipped to you (for amount 20 and under). If this item is apparel and there are multiple sizes you'll need to create a separate offer for each size.  

Go ahead and go through the entire purchase flow making sure to add the shipping address you'd like the items to be sent to. 

Once you've made your purchase you can suspend your offer until the next time.

For large Bulk Orders or Drop Shipments please contact Topspin Artist Support.


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