New: Share Your Music + Connect With Fans Using Topspin With Linkfire Follow

Linkfire is a great tool for sharing music and letting fans choose how they want to listen. 

It takes minutes to create a link: 

- Enter the link to a track or album from any major music service.

- Linkfire will scan for the corresponding link on other services and also allow you to configure some services manually. 

- Choose which services to display and the order they should appear in. 

- Linkfire then provides you with a customizable shortlink and analytics on how, where and when your link is performing, plus some advanced features including the ability to collect retargeting data.

You can now include links to your Topspin store or email-for-media widgets in Linkfire links. When creating a link, simply select Topspin from the ‘Music Services’ section and enter the URL where your offer or widget lives.

Collect Fan Emails With A Topspin Email-For-Media Widget

Topspin’s email-for-media widgets allow you to give away a track in return for a fan’s email address, growing your mailing list and collecting geographical data about where your fans are. As download numbers start to decline, however, we recognize that many fans now want to stream their music, rather than download. Combining Linkfire with a Topspin E4M means you can share your track far and wide, safe in the knowledge that fans will be able to play it on their preferred streaming service, while still collecting email addresses from any fans who want to download.

Example link:

Direct Fans To Your Topspin Store

You can also direct fans to purchase from your Topspin store- whether you’re using our template Spinshop or have embedded Topspin buy buttons to create a customized store. Like us, the Linkfire team have seen the value of direct-to-fan: in a recent campaign for a superstar-level artist, over 25% of sales were D2F.

Example link:


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