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For how to create an Email For Media widget, click here.

How to maximize the amount of fans collected: 

1. Give away your music for free, and make it easy to download.
2. Make it prominent. Do so in exchange for a fan connection. Collectively, fan emails are far more valuable than anonymous streams and (in the long term) 99 cent downloads.
3. Make it easy for your fans to share your music everywhere, including on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and more.

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The Technical stuff

The Topspin Platform has the tools you need to give-away your tracks and make fan connections. There are 3 technical components to make the most out of your free download give-away.

1. Email for Media widget
2. Topspin Labs Share Links
3. Embeddable widget code

Email for Media Widget

The Topspin-powered Email for Media widget collects fan emails in exchange for a download. Use this to collect fan emails

To see the options that Topspin provides, click here. To learn how to make one, click here.

Labs Share Links

We made it easy for fans to share the new track with their friends on Twitter and Facebook. Share Links are easy to create and style and every click is tracked. Create them in the Topspin Lab and use them to make it easy for fans to spread the word.

To create share links, click here.

Embeddable widget

It’s important to have the embed code easily accessible, not so much for your fans (though some may post it), but more for press to embed it in their blogs. We’ve seen some bands get a serious bump because a blog picked up a track, wrote about it, and gave the download away straight from the blog. An embed code is included with every Email For Media widget created.


Given everything we’ve seen, this is one of the best ways to build your fan base, whether you’re the Pixies, or a band just emerging from the garage. The path to fan acquisition is through your music—be that touring, streaming, or flat out giving it away in return for a point of contact. So use it wisely, and when lightning does strike, you’ll be able to capitalize and hopefully build a lasting career.

For how to create an Email For Media widget, click here.
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