Sending unique redemption codes via email Follow

Generate a unique code for each recipient

If you want to include a unique redemption code when emailing a specific group of fans, such as purchasers of a certain product, you'll be able to configure this on the email screen when composing your message.

Just above the email editor, you'll see a checkbox to include a redemption code. Clicking this will reveal a link to configure, which you can click to set up just as you would in the instructions here.



Once you've set a name for your campaign, and the number of redemptions per code, select the product you would like to give out for free. This can be any digital product, or a membership, as outlined in the previous instructions. Click OK to save this configuration and proceed to composing your email.

Enter the following text where you want the code to display in your email: REDEMPTION_CODE

That placeholder will be replaced with a unique code, which a fan will be able to copy and paste into your redemption widget to download. A different code will be created for each recipient your email is sent to.

Note: Be sure to include a link to redeem, whether it be your modified Spinshop redemption URL, or a page on your own website which houses an embeddable redemption button. 


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