Managing existing codes Follow

Export your redemption codes

Once your campaign has been created, you'll be able to start generating codes for immediate use. You will be able to create codes which you can copy from the page, or export to a .csv document for easier management. You can also export your codes for external use, such as printing via  Dropcards.

Generate Codes: Clicking this will bring up a window asking how many codes to generate. You will be able to generate as many codes as set during configuration. If you run out of codes, you can adjust the maximum number of codes just above.

Download Codes: Clicking this button will download a spreadsheet in .csv format, containing all your codes for this campaign.

Reset Code: Reset the number of redemptions so that a code can be used again.


Check the status of existing codes

You will be able to check in real-time the number of redemptions used per each code. At the bottom of your campaign page within your Promote tab, you will find each of the codes that have been generated for your campaign.

Per each code created, you'll be able to see it's creation date, number of redemptions used, and number of redemptions remaining.

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