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The Topspin Artist Search API returns a JSON-formatted description of artists 


You will need to use HTTP authentication to access the API. To get an API key please make a request here:

Use your Topspin email login as your username and the API key as your password.


A request to will return all artists that the authenticated user has access to. The artists can be filtered by supplying one of more of following parameters:

  • 'name' Return artists having the given partial name match
  • 'has_website' Return artists that have a valid configured website in the topspin system

Pagination and Sorting

Artists are returned 25 at a time, default sorted by name. This can be changed by using the following parameters:

  • 'page' requested page number
  • 'per_page' The number of artists to return per page
  • 'column' Column to sort on. Valid Options: name, description, website
  • 'order' Direction to sort the column. Valid Options: asc (ascending), desc (descending)


Responses contain paging information and a list containing artist descriptions.

Each offer description has the following keys:

  • 'name' Artist name
  • 'description' Artist description
  • 'url' URL to json details for the given artist
  • 'website' Website for the given artist
  • 'avatar_image' URL to the artist's avatar image, which is a timestamped image with a default 15 minute lifetime.


Request: curl -u '' ''


  "total_pages": 1, 
  "current_page": 1, 
  "total_entries": 2, 
  "artists": [
      "name": "Kris Test", 
      "avatar_image": "", 
      "url": "", 
      "description": null, 
      "website": "",
                        "spin_tags": [ "memphis-jan-2011" ],
      "name": "72 musicians", 
      "avatar_image": "", 
      "url": "", 
      "description": null, 
      "website": "",
                        "spin_tags": []
  "per_page": 25
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