Connect Topspin's E4M to your Mobile Roadie email collection tool Follow

When you are logged into Mobile Roadie, on this page: down near the bottom, you will find the location for connecting a Topspin Email for Media campaign to the Mobile Roadie email collection tool.

There are three settings:
Campaign URL
Target URL
Artist ID

Here are the steps to find and create these settings in Topspin:

1) Artist ID

Go to:, and click: Artist Profile. On this page you will find the Artist ID.

2) Campaign URL

The campaign URL is formatted as:

A) Replace ARTIST-ID with the numeric value for the artist

B) The CAMPAIGN-ID is the Campaign ID for the Email for Media widget in Topspin.

To create an Email for Media (E4M) widget, go to: and select Email for Media is the blue drop down New Offer. Once you set up and save the E4M widget, click the link: Edit this Offer. This wil take you to the edit page for the saved widget. In the top left you will see the ID for the E4M widget, it looks similar to: Campaign ID: XXXXXXXX. This is the ID for CAMPAIGN-ID in the Campaign URL above.


2) Target URL

The Target URL is formatted as:

The ARTIST-NAME is the artist name without spaces, and the ARTIST-ID is the ID from step one.


Once this all set up, and saved in the Mobile Roadie app, you should be good to go. 

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