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The widget is controlled through a combination of XML information stored on Topspin’s servers (the XML contains references to media content and system-level information) and dynamic variables passed in at load time called ‘flashVars’ (flashVars can override specific UI properties).

Email for Media flashVars


Default Value
halign center Alignment of the main elements in the widget (clickable button and call to action)
hpadding 8 Horizontal padding used throughout the widget
embedalign center The horizontal positioning of the “embed” icon
maxPhotos 50 The maximum number of pictures the Flickr engine will retrieve
displayInitialScreen true Whether the widget displays a call to action
langCode en two letter language code for internationalization
bgImage null location for static image to be placed as background wallpaper for widget (n.b. this image will not resize)
linkHasOutline true status of outline around main button
theme black general theme for the colors of the UI. The theme can be overridden by passing the following flashvars for the colors. Can be "black" or "white".
highlightColor 0x17CAFB Most commonly used flashvar, since it will change the highlight color of all the action items in the player.
hideinfo false Optionally hide email opt-in icon which appears in the bottom right hand corner of the widget.
linkColor 0×17CAFB Main highlight color for the widget
baseColor 0×000000 Background color for the widget
linkOverColor 0×000000 Color used to contrast with the linkColor (used mostly when an object colored with the linkColor is moused over)
fontColor 0xFFFFFF Color of the font
errColor 0xFF0033 Color the font in the error message
twthash null set up a special twitter hashtag when tweeting from the widget. eg. twthash=#contest
imageVAlign center Vertical alignment of the image inside the widget. Possible values: top, center, bottom. Use imageVAlign=top in a taller widget so that your image does not get covered by the email input controls
crossfaderate 5 Slide show crossfaderate in seconds. Defaults to 5 second intervals
playMedia false Set to true to enable a Play button to show up and play the media include for the download. Note that this will only play a single track or video and should be taller that 100px for the button to render properly
smoothing false For pixelated images, set smoothing=true which will apply bitmap smoothing on any of the the images displayed. Note: Bitmap smoothing may make some images blurry so please use wisely


Hex Color Value Reference (external link)

Code Examples


Modifying the flashVars

Overall Widget Concerns

*All widgets are optimized for Flash Player 9.0.115, which is installed on over 98% of computers . We currently officially support Firefox, Safari, and IE7, although our products should work on Linux and other platforms as well.

Transparent Background on E4M Widget

To make the E4M widget transparent allowing the web page background to bleed through like: (external link)

Two things must be added:

1. You must add the following to your embed code.

Disclaimer! By setting the wmode to transparent, it has been a known Adobe Flash Bug in FireFox ( , that international keyboards may not properly be able to enter the “@” symbol via the keyboard. The international user will have to copy and paste an “@” character into the text input field.

2. Add an additional flashvar: bgalpha=0

example for the above image:

Adding Streaming-Player Functionality to an E4M

You can easily add Streaming Player functionality to any E4M, simply by adding a line of code to the embed-code. When embedding the E4M, find the part of the code that reads:

After the quotation mark, insert the following snippet:

See a screenshot of an E4M with this feature included: 

The “play” button in the center streams all the tracks contained in the E4M. Hovering over the widget displays the bar on top, which shows the song title and progress bar, sharing options, and buttons that let the viewer browse the full list of songs, see info on the E4M, view the widget in Fullscreen, and mute the volume. The “Download Now” still button functions normally.

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