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Link to your Spinshop in your YouTube video

Every paid account includes a Spinshop, which you can configure here. Once set up, you can link to your Spinshop URL inside your YouTube video using annotations.



Make sure your account is in good standing

You must be a verified partner with monetization enabled to utilize YouTube annotations. If you need any help with your partner status, or anything on YouTube's end, you will find their help desk here:

Once you've confirmed that your YouTube account is all set up for annotations, you'll be able to configure links to your Topspin store within each individual video.



Find the video you want to annotate in your Video Manager

Your Video Manager page will contain all of the videos uploaded to your account. Select the video you would like to configure, and click Annotations in the drop-down.




Configure your annotation text and link

The text you enter in the Note section will be the link that is displayed over your video. Check the Link box at the bottom-left and select Merch from the dropdown. Enter your Spinshop URL and you will be all set.





Non-Spinshop URLs will not work

YouTube only accepts URLs from partner retailers, so you will need to use your Topspin URL which is in this exact format:

If you have not yet configured your Spinshop, you will need to do so before setting up your annotations. You can set up your Spinshop here.



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