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Since we believe data and analytics are important to understanding the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts, the first screen you'll see when you log-into Topspin will is the Dashboard section where you can review your key direct-to-fan metrics revenue and fanbase metrics such as sales, number of transactions, streams, views, and emails collected.



Click "View Full Report" to drill down numbers by Products and Offers:




The Products section of Topspin is where you manage your merchandise, digital media, and any other products you create in Topspin. You can upload your digital media via our standard uploader (click Add Product > Digital Media) or use an FTP client to upload larger files directly into your account. The FTP uploader can be accessed by logging into site with your standard Topspin login credentials. Once your files are uploaded, click on them to view details. For digital media such as audio tracks, videos, and files, this is where you can assign the proper metadata for organization within popular media players such as iTunes. You can also create any kind of physical merchandise product you'd like to offer your fans: CDs, DVDs, T-shirts, Vinyl, Box Sets, Chess Sets, Skateboards, lunch dates, pretty much anything! The fun part is bundling your digital, physical, and experiential products into exclusive packages, which will give your fans rich and engaging ways to access your art and interact with you! Check out the video titled "Products" in the multi-video player above. 


The Promote section is where you connect with your fans. You can use Topspin's promotional tools to send an email to your fans, publish widgets to help build your fan base (Email for Media) and drive Facebook "Likes" (Facebook for Media), create streaming audio and video players to promote your new releases, and create free download links and secure redemption codes for your digital products. You can click on each promotional widget you create to view more granular data and metrics. For example, you can see the metrics on email opens and click-throughs and which links in your email were clicked the most. For your widgets, you can see how many views and fans were acquired via the widgets. You can also see where those widgets were embedded across the web. One of the coolest aspects of your promotional widgets is that you can update them anytime with new language or artwork without ever having to re-embed the widgets. Updates made in Topspin are distributed out to all of your embedded widgets "in the wild" automatically! Check out the video titled "Promote" in the multi-video player above. 




The Sell tab in your Topspin account is where you'll build your ecommerce "offers". You can sell literally anything that you've uploaded or built in your Products tab - all you need to do is load your product into a "New Offer" in the Sell tab, set a name and price for the offer (and any applicable shipping & handling) and hit "Publish". It's that simple - you're ready to open up for business! Check out the video titled "Sell" in the multi-video player above. 


The Fans section is where you can organize and manage your fans. You can import your existing fan email list to a CSV spreadsheet, and we provide you with an importing template so you can import not just new emails but any corresponding data associated with your fans like address, region, and several other fields. You can get quick snapshots of your fan activity over time or filter for just fans who joined in the past week or month. You can also target your fans by territory through postal code + radius distance or query your fan base by specific region. You can sort your mailing list alphanumerically, by sales total, acquisition date, or drill down into each fan by clicking their email. The "Acquired by" Smart Group is a dynamic list of fans based on how they entered your Topspin database either through an import or via a widget you created in the Fans section. It's a handy feature for tracking and communicating with fans associated with different Email for Media widgets and Offers. You can also create static groups by assigning tags to groups of fans. This is useful for separating out pre-order purchasers, VIP lists, street teams, press, or your music blogging allies. Once again, the power is yours to slice and dice your fan base to your own unique needs! Check out the video titled "Fans" in the multi-video player above. 




Once you've started marketing and selling your digital and physical products through Topspin, you'll need to start managing your fulfill tab. Here, you can see which physical orders need to be shipped and filter all of your orders by parameters like country, SKU, purchaser email, fan name, or shipping address. If you're managing your fulfillment via spreadsheets outside the Topspin application, you can import a csv spreadsheet of your edited orders directly into Topspin and update your orders automatically. Each customer order has its own details page where you can add shipping info like date shipped, tracking numbers, and note about any customer interactions. Check out the video titled "Fulfill" in the multi-video player above. If Self-fulfillment isn't your thing, we've got you covered! Just opt for integrated Topspin Fulfillment!

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