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Asset Checklist

Running a full-fledged direct-to-fan campaign for the first time can be a little intimidating. Don't worry, we get that - we've been there before! To help calm your nerves, here's some basic guidelines you can follow to ensure nothing slips through the cracks when it counts! 


  • We encourage you to upload Apple Lossless files as your metadata will be preserved exactly as it appears in iTunes. We do accept most lossless audio formats, however, such as: FLACAIFFWAV and Apple Lossless.
  • We do not accept lossy audio formats such as: MP3 or AAC.
  • Image files larger than 100MB will be added to the Files section.
  • Video and Audio files larger than 600MB will be added to the Files section.
  • If you are uploading gobs o' files or files greater than 300MB, try using the FTP Uploader
  • All video files at highest available resolution and bitrate (mov or mp4 format). Google guide to video formats.
  • Album cover art: Must be at least 600x600. Preferably as high as 1200x1200. RGB colorspace — no CMYK
  • Listing of all metadata - i.e, the information that will appear in iTunes. At minimum: artist name, album name, full track listing, genre
  • Any internal unit costs for each product. E.g., wholesale costs, additional royalties due for each unit sale.

Key Question: 
Is your artist a label artist - do they have the rights to bundle a digital download with physical purchase without paying double royalty? If not, try to negotiate this.


  • A DETAILED description of each product. E.g.: Not just “CD”, but “8 panel Digipack with full artwork and lyrics. Not just “Vinyl,” but “12” 180g Gatefold Vinyl”
  • For wearable merch: all sizes to be offered
  • An accurate estimate of weight of each products (oz) to determine shipping rates
  • An understanding of your inventory restrictions (e.g., unlimited, 500 copies, etc.)
  • C.O.G.S. = cost of goods sold. Make sure to take into account any unit costs for each product you're selling. E.g., manufacturing or wholesale costs
  • Retail price for each good


Will you be fulfilling it yourself or working with a partner? 

Please make sure you check out the following: 

If you're fulfilling it yourself:

  • Have you learned how to use the Fulfill tab of your account?
  • Have you determined proper shipping rates for your packages, accounting for different regions?
  • Have you entered the proper shipping and handling rates for each package?

If you're working with a fulfillment partner:

  • Does your fulfiller have a profile set up with Topspin? Have you configured your account with this fulfiller?
  • Have you sent the fulfiller the details about your packages and received shipping/handling rates?
  • Have you entered the proper shipping and handling rates for each package?
Make sure to consider using Topspin's own integrated fulfillment service... definitely the fastest and easiest way to your fulfillment efforts to the next level:
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