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Customers with old computers and/or out-of-date web browsers tend to have difficulty downloading large files. These type of download issues can turn a great campaign into a customer service quagmire in a hurry, so it's recommended that you keep most of your end-user downloads under 1 gigabyte total. "But what if I want to deliver full uncompressed recordings of all of my concerts?", you might be saying. The good news is that there is a technical workaround for delivering such gigantic downloads, and I'm about to teach you how to do it. Basically, it involves splitting your full download into three separate pieces. You'll need Topspin Plus to achieve this trick, as we'll primarily be utilizing Topspin's automated preorder technology to make it happen. Ready to get started? Let's do it! 

1. Make sure you're using Topspin Plus

2. Split your huge source file into one-third segments on your computer. Then, upload those segments with titles like "Full Concert 1/3", "2/3, and "3/3".

3. Go to Sell and click New Offer. Okay, now, here's the trick:

 We're going to set up a fully-loaded digital preorder, using all three available Product Choices to deliver three different download links via customer receipts. The usual sequence of digital delivery for preorders is 1. Instant Grat, 2. Main Product and 3. Street Date Product. Following this logic, we're going to load our "Full Concert" segments out of order so that they show up in order on customer receipts. 

1. Scroll down to your first Product Choice:



Select "Part 2 of 3":



2. Next, enable "Preorder Configuration", set "Digital Delivery Date" to five minutes from now, and then check the box for "Street Date Product". Add "Part 3" to Street Date Product: 



3. Lastly, enable "Instant Gratification Product", check the box for "Continue after street date?", and select "Part 1": 



The full offer setup should now encompass all three segments of your download (out of order, with part 2 first, part 3 second, and part 1 last) as shown in our example below: 


Now, when customers purchase, their live receipt will include three separate, smaller download links in sequential order, making for a much more manageable download experience: 


That's all there is to it! Now get out there and serve up some massive audio/video to your fans! 

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