Introduction to D2F Best Practices Follow


This section aims to get you up and running on Topspin in a (relatively) quick way. This section favors brevity and simplicity over comprehensive background and detail.

If you want to explore DTF topics in more detail, the rest of the content outside of the "Quick Start" article tree will get you there.


Walk you through a set of DTF marketing best practices to help you cover the biggest value drivers in the channel.

    1. Tune your online presence for discover-ability, offers placement, and measurement.
    2. Kick-start your fan network and gain some of the most valuable marketing insights: what websites/networks your fans frequent, where your fans are located geographically, how responsive your fans are, and their key demographics like age and gender.
    3. Establish a weekly marketing routine that covers the vitals.
    4. Plan goal-based promotions
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