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This section serves as a quick-start overview for planning goal-based promotions. For a more detailed view of campaign structuring, check out the Campaign Planning and Structure and Offers to Match Campaign Goals sections.


Before you go any further, please make sure that you have completed the previous sections, Tune Your Online Presence and Kick-start Your Fan Network.

Best Practices for Planning Goal-Based Promotions

There are a number of important categories for Direct-to-Fan business metrics:

  1. Fan Reach (defined as monthly unique visitors, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, etc.)
  2. Fan Engagement (how many plays? how many shares? do fans talk about you?)
  3. Fan Acquisition (how many fans have volunteered email addresses and given you permission to market directly to them?)
  4. Monetization (could be measured in gross or per fan, with any timeframe or ROI plan)

Thinking clearly about these categories allows us to set SMART goals. SMART is a pretty cheezy acronym, but it's useful. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

Depending upon where your artist's career is sitting, you might have a whole range of SMART goals. Here are a few examples:

"I have only 2,000 visitors a month to my website. If I convert 1% of my visitors to purchases, this means only 20 purchases a month. In order to get 100 purchases a month, I need 10,000 visitors. Let's see if we can set 10,000 unique visits as a goal." 
"I have 10,000 Twitter followers. I'd like to take advantage of this network and get my tour announcement re-tweeted 5,000 times." 
"I have 4,500 emails right now. I'd like to get into five-figure territory before I announce my next album." 
"I have a decent iTunes business, but I'd like to see if I can get $20,000 in additional revenue from my high-value fans during a pre-sale period."

Accordingly, here are some examples of promotions tailored to these goals:

"In order to increase the number of monthly uniques, I need to create major and minor announcements that drive fans to my site to consume content. Exclusive streaming of my video, album, or tour news will be the bait. I'll post tantalizing links to this content on Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace so that I can convert my audiences on those networks to website visitors." 
"I'm going to create a Twitter contest for my fans. If they re-tweet my tour announcement 5,000 times, I'll release a new EP for free. I'll also have a weekly contest to all followers to win free tickets, merch, etc. My plan is to reach the 5k retweet mark with these techniques." 
"I'm going to give away a series of songs in advance of the album release in exchange for email addresses. I will give the blog Stereogum an exclusive widget that features one of the songs for a limited time. By setting up these campaigns in advance of the album release, I will hit my 10k email mark." 
"In order to create a higher-margin business out of my die-hard fans, I will create a variety of exclusive deluxe packages that feature special artwork and bonus content. I will promote these offers during a pre-sale period in advance of street date, by reaching out to my email list and by posting links to my social networks."

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