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The majority of your traffic may very well come from search engines. The difference in traffic you get from top-three-placement vs. bottom-three placement can be orders of magnitude. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the art of designing web pages for optimal search engine performance.

Follow these basic web design and development tips:

  • Ensure keywords appear in title
  • Ensure the page has indexable (clear text) content relevant to keywords
  • Page content should reference artist name ahead of album name, etc. within reason
  • Ensure images have appropriately filled alt tags, relevant to keywords
  • Use h1, h2, etc. tags to feature keywords
  • Ensure meta “keywords” and “description” tags feature keywords

If you can believe it, consultants used to charge thousands of dollars to deliver Powerpoint decks with tips like the ones you see above. SEO is no longer a dark art, and there are hundreds of SEO resources. There's even a SEO For Dummies book.

Here's an example of one quick and dirty SEO cheatsheet:

Happy crawling. May your site index well.

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