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What is Google Analytics, and what do I do with it? 

Google Analytics (GA) is a web analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your website traffic and marketing effectiveness. It's pretty powerful, flexible, and it has the nice bonus of being free to use. With GA you can understand how many people come to your site, what content they're looking at, how they navigate, what country they're from, etc., etc.

For further details on GA-specific features, use cases, how-tos, etc., please visit the Google Analytics website (external link).

How do I setup a Google Analytics account? 
We recommend two minimum steps:

First, create your account and get basic tracking installed: 
The good folks at Google Analytics have provided a helpful walk-through for GA newbies. You can access it here: GA Getting Started Guide (external link)

Second, activate GA Ecommerce reporting:

  1. Log in to your GA account.
  2. Click Edit next to the profile you'd like to enable.
  3. On the Profile Settings page, click edit next to Main Website Profile Information.
  4. Change the E-Commerce Website radio button from No to Yes.
  5. Click the save button.

You're now ready to beginning getting some deep website analytics and enjoy the benefit of Topspin's integration with GA.

Topspin integration with Google Analytics. 
Topspin has integrated with GA in a few key ways to help you get even deeper insight into your audience, where they're coming from, and how effectively your marketing campaigns are converting. The specific integrations covered in subsequent articles are:

  • Ecommerce tracking: determining Topspin sales conversion on your site by referrer, country, etc.
  • Goals tracking: using logged actions from topspin widgets to setup GA conversion funnels.
  • Event tracking: tracking Topspin widget events like plays, clicks on your site.

The embed codes that are created for your offers will now contain the following parameter in the javascript (the x's will be replaced with your Google Analytics ID):



This will match the ID entered in your Artist Profile.


Tracking Sales Conversion By Referrer With Topspin And Google Analytics 
Tracking Sales Conversion By Marketing Activity With Topspin And Google Analytics

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