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If you’re looking for a creative, professional way to distribute your Topspin Redemption Codes to fans, make sure to check out Dropcards.

Dropcards is a leading provider of integrated download card solutions for the entertainment industry, with clients ranging from local musicians and independent record companies to major labels, movie studios and Fortune 500 consumer brands. Dropcards manages thousands of promotions and produces millions of download cards annually. 

Getting started with Dropcards is easy. You can either sign up for a free account online or contact one of their team members to set up an account for you. If you're planning to run a Redemption Code-based promotion through Topspin and would like to integrate Dropcards into your campaign, make sure to get started by following the steps laid out in this video: 

Basic Steps

  1. Create a Redemption Code campaign in the Promote tab of your Topspin account. Generate as many codes as you'll need, then download them in CSV spreadsheet format. 
  2. Open a free account at www.Dropcards.com 
  3. Create a new Dropcards project and choose 'Topspin' as your hosting option
  4. Order cards from Dropcards by uploading your Topspin Redemption Codes CSV (or XLS) and preferred artwork (including instructions for redeeming your offer and a clear space for printing the unique code) 
  5. Approve your proof and finalize your order 
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