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In October 2011, YouTube announced some incredible features for music artists. Beginning on October 20, 2011 you will be able to easily take the music, movies, tickets, t-shirts, vinyl, and other goodies you’re selling via Topspin and make them available for sale right from your YouTube Channel page. Here’s what it looks like:



1. You must have an active YouTube Channel.

2. You must be a YouTube Partner (You must have applied for and been granted Partner status by YouTube).

3. If you are not yet a YouTube Partner, make sure to apply for partnership directly through YouTube.

4. It's not guaranteed that all Partner applications will be approved by YouTube, but Topspin artists can fast-track their evaluation and approval process by signing up for our official list.


Once you are a YouTube Partner, you can add this capability to your YouTube channel. Here's the super easy process to activate this new feature:

  1. If you don't have a Topspin account, please sign up and create one. 
  2. Create some offers.
  3. For each offer you would like to show up on YouTube, please make double sure you check either the “Offers API” box or the “Paid Affiliates” box in the Campaign Settings section of your offer. It should look like this:

  4. Fill out this short form. Please note that requests can take up to seven business days. If you are an artist that already has some other affiliate relationship with YouTube, such as VEVO, major label or any other Content Partner relationship your request will require additional time to process.
  5. Once your request has been processed, you'll get a courtesy email from YouTube letting you know the feature is turned on for your channel.
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