HTML Email-For-Media Widget (Recommended) Follow

For a mobile friendly email-for-media widget, we highly recommed using Bleach, Topspin's prototype HTML E4M builder. Bleach allows you to turn a standard Topspin E4M into a custom HTML E4M in seconds.

Here's all you need to use it:

1) A Topspin account

2) A standard Email For Media widget 

3) An image that includes a "call to action" message (i.e. "Click Here To Download")

4) Get your Email For Media widget's widget ID number & campaign ID number. To find them, look here: 


If you have all of the above, click here to get started! 


An example of Bleach in action:



The tool provides an iFrame for you to embed on your site:



Fans click on the widget, enter their email and are then prompted to share:


It also comes with a Download Anywhere set up so your fans can download from any page on the web you want:


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