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Monthly Statements are posted on the 15th of each month. Payment for that cycle will be sent out on the last day of the month*.

Topspin follows a net-30 cycle, meaning that all orders marked shipped between June 1-June 30 will show up on your July 15th statement, and will therefore be paid out on July 31st.

* = Updated July 2014. Payments were previously made on the 22nd of each month.

Verify your payment info

If you haven't filled out the Payment Info in your account settings, we won't know where to send your money. Your bank information must be verified by the time your statement for that period has been posted (on the 15th). If payment information has not been entered by this time, we will have to hold any due balance until the next month.


Payments are sent via ACH

We issue payments via ACH (Direct Deposit), which means you get paid as quickly as possible and don't ever have to worry about checks getting lost in the mail. We stay green by keeping everything digital, and detailed reports are always downloadable from your Dashboard.

If you live outside of the US, UK or Canada, you'll need to manually submit your payment info by filling out the form included here: Submitting your payment information manually 

Please make sure to follow the instructions carefully to avoid delays in processing. Provided your payment information has been set up correctly and verified before your statement has been created on the 15th of each month, payment will then be made on the last day of the month and received shortly after. If your statement has already been created by the time your account has been verified, payment will be delayed until the next payment cycle.


Orders must be marked shipped

Payment is only processed only when an order is marked as shipped in your Fulfill tab. Orders in pending or acknowledged state, which are still awaiting fulfillment, will not be paid out until they have been sent out for delivery. If you are self-fulfilling, remember to mark each order as shipped once you have entered tracking information to ensure that  you are paid out for that transaction.

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