Verifying your bank account (so you can get paid!) Follow

Payment Info Settings

To get to the Payment Info settings, while logged in as the owner of the account, click on the blue Settings link in the upper right hand corner. This will bring you to the Account Management Homepage:


To configure, click the Payment Info link in your Artist Management Homepage. Then choose the country where your bank account is located. The options are US, UK, CA:



Enter your payment info

After selecting your country, you'll find a number of fields where you will be able to edit your bank information. 


*My bank account is not in US, UK or Canada - How do I get paid?

For banks outside of the three listed countries, you will need to fill out an ACH form and email this to us. We will then be able to set up payment for you. You'll be able to download the form here: International Form


For the US only: ACH Routing Number

For the UK only: Sort Code, IBAN Number

For Canada only: Transit Number, Bank Code (or institution code/number), Account in USD (Check yes only if account in US Dollars)

Select whether your account is a Savings or Checking account, then click Save to submit.


Verifying your bank account

After setting up your banking details and saving them in the Topspin application, you will receive two small deposits into your US, UK or Canadian bank account. These deposits are made on Mondays and usually appear on Thursday or Friday. 

After you receive the deposits, you can then verify your account by entering the amount of the deposits into the correct fields. Your account will be verified and good to go. Payment will then be deposited into your account during the next payment period. More information on payment schedule can be found here:

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