Creating physical goods to sell Follow

Configure your merchandise product

If you are selling a physical item using Topspin, you will first need to create it in your Products tab. Physical products include CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, stickers, hats or anything that would need to be shipped to a fan.



Click Add Product and select Merchandise



Enter the name and a brief description of the item



Name variable attributes

If you are selling different combinations of a product, you can create multiple choices at checkout by utilizing attributes. Each variation will create a different SKU, so the fewer choices the better. Separate multiple attributes with a single comma (,) without any spaces.

We recommend utilizing less than 5 names, with no more than 5 values each for best results. Any more names or values will create large numbers of SKUs, which may in turn make it a little difficult to manage inventory. If you do require multiple names, it would be best to create multiple products with fewer choices.

For example, instead of creating a single merchandise product with both Male and Female attributes, it would be better to create 1 merchandise product for the Male shirt, and 1 separate merchandise product for the Female shirt. That's one fewer step that a fan would need to complete during checkout.




Fill out product details


UPC: This will be specific to this product

Currency: The currency for the details in this section for internal reference only. You will be able to set the currency for each offer when you create it in your Sell tab.

Wholesale Cost: This is the total cost that would be paid out to a third-party payee if you check the box below. Otherwise, this is for your reference only, and does not affect sale price of item. You will set the sale price when you create your offer in the Sell tab.

Pay Wholesale Cost to Payee: If you are an Enterprise user, you can set up third-party payees here.

Shipping Cost: For your reference only. You will set the ship price when you create the offer in your Sell tab.

MSRP: This must be filled out if you are reporting sales.


Save your work

Once your product has been saved, you will be able to find it and make any changes within your Products tab. You will also be able to enter UPCs, product weights and stock levels from within your Products tab.

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