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Sell tickets directly to your fans

Create tickets to sell individually, or bundle them with other products in a package. Using Topspin, you can process ticket sales independently, and choose whether you'd like to display or hide ticketing fees on fan receipts.

Topspin's ticketing fee

Topspin's ticketing fee is a flat 15% of face value. This fee is paid by the customer in addition to the face value of the ticket, and is not deducted from your sales margin. Like all other ticket retailers, we do incur real costs when handling ticketing sales, and this fee helps to cover everything behind the scenes as our team works to ensure transactions go through smoothly.

This fee can be clearly displayed, or hidden on fan receipts, depending on the fan experience you choose. You'll be able to toggle the display when setting up the offer in your Sell tab.

Our 15% ticketing fee includes all credit-card processing charges, so there are no additional processing fees associated with ticket sales placed through the Topspin platform. For example, if you're selling tickets with a face value of $20, your final price to the fan will be $23.00 ($20 face value + $3 ticketing fee). In this scenario, you would be paid $20 (face value), and and Topspin would cover all processing within its $3. The ticketing fee is static among the 3 delivery options noted below.

Setting up your ticket product

Before you begin selling, you'll need to configure your ticket within your Products tab.
Name: Public-facing name that will be shown to fans in their cart

Public-facing information about the ticket that will be presented to fans in their cart

Venue Name:
Name of the venue hosting the event

Venue Address:
Address of the venue hosting the event

Delivery Type:
Choose either Physical, Will-call or Digital delivery. You can only choose one delivery type per ticket. More details on each type can be found at the bottom of this article.

Event Date:
This the date and time of the event

Sales Start Date:
 This is the exact time that tickets go on sale. Fans who attempt to purchase prior to this will be prompted with an Early Purchase Error which you may configure in the next step

Sales End Date:
 This is the exact time that ticket sales for this product will cease. Fans who try to purchase after sales have ended will be prompted with a Late Purchase Error.

      : This option allows you to choose the currency of the tickets (must match the Offer currency). The actual currency displayed to fans is set up in the Offer in your Sell section. 

Face Value
      : This is the cost of the ticket as presented to the fan. If you're an Enterprise user, this can be assigned to a third party payee. 

Wholesale Cost
      : This is the actual cost of the ticket (for internal purposes only). 

Shipping Cost
      : If the ticket delivery type is set to physical, then the shipping cost is the intended price of shipping for fulfillment. Add a cursory weight if you're using weight-based shipping. 

Age limit
      : use this to designate a show as 18+,  21+, or otherwise.

Early Purchase Error
      : Messaging if a fan attempts to buy a ticket before they go on sale. By default this will say:

Tickets for this event have not gone on sale yet. The sale date for this event is Month Day, YYYY at H:MM AM/PM (Pacific Time).

Late Purchase Error
      : Messaging if a fan is too late to score a ticket. By default this will display:

Tickets for this event are no longer on sale. Sales for this event ended at Month Day, YYYY H:MM AM/PM (Pacific Time).

Will Call Instructions:
      If you're selling will call tickets, make sure your customers have clear instructions for checking into and attending your show.

In Stock Quantity
      : This is the number of tickets you have on hand to sell.

Backorder Cap
      : This is the number of tickets available to sell after your in-stock number is sold out.

Reserve quantity
      : The number you hold back to give to friends and family. Reserve quantities are not available for sale.

Physical tickets

If your venue or promoter requires physical tickets, you'll still be able to sell your allotment through Topspin. Physical tickets are handled the same way as physical merchandise, and orders containing these will show up in the Not Shipped filter of your Fulfill tab. More details on setting up physical tickets can be found here.

Will-call tickets

Save your fans money on shipping and offer will-call tickets for purchase. Purchasers will be compiled into a guestlist, which you will then be able to export as a .csv, and submit to the venue for check-in at the venue. You can find more information on will-call tickets here.

Digital tickets

Handle all ticketing operations independently using digital tickets. Topspin creates a PDF with the fan's name and a unique code for each ticket, which fans can download from their receipt to print out or show on their phone at the show, for you to cross-reference against the purchaser guestlist.


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