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Set up your third-party payee

Topspin Enterprise accounts can set a single third-party payee for each product. Third-party payments are sent out on the same schedule as artist payments, and the funds collected for this particular product are paid out directly so that you don't have to.

Don't see your payee listed in the drop-down? Learn how to set up your payee here:

When creating your ticket product in your Products tab, you will be able to set the configuration for your Payee in the settings module. The Face Value is the exact cost that will be paid out to your promoter/payee. Once you have filled out all ticket information and entered inventory, save your work to complete the creation of your ticket product.



Click the sell tab to create a new offer. In the Product Choice field, you will find the Ticket that you just created. Once selected, you will see the third-party payee information configured for that Product in the Pricing Rules section.



If you're looking to add additional margin to your ticket, you'll find more information on how to bundle your ticket with another item and price the offer accordingly here:

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