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Hold tickets for your fans at the door

You can sell will-call tickets so that you and your fans don't need to worry about physical tickets arriving in the mail. Fans will go through the purchase flow the exact same way, but will be prompted to provide their ticket holder's first and last name, which will be compiled in a guest list that you can export prior to the show.


Create your ticket product

In your Products tab, create a new ticket. You will be able to configure all the details for your event here: http://app.topspin.net/catalog/create_ticket

In the Settings module, fill out each of the fields on the next page. Be sure to set the Delivery Type as Will Call (Pickup). This will ensure that ticket holder names are collected at checkout.


 You can also customize the Will Call Instructions before saving. This message will be displayed on fan receipts. 


 Save your work, and you will now see this ticket in your Products tab.


Export the guest list before the show

Navigate to your Products tab, and you will be able to find the ticket product you have created. Your guest list contains the names of all purchasers, which you will be able to use to check people off at the venue.

Note: Will-call tickets are not the actual ticket, but provides information on how to pick up their tickets at the venue on the day of the event. Make sure to make arrangements with the venue prior to show so that they know to expect your guests.



The CSV exported will contain columns for:

Ticketholder Last Name
Ticketholder First Name
Purchaser First Name
Purchaser Last Name
Purchaser Email
Redemption Code (can be used as a unique ticket ID)
Order Number

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