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Ship physical tickets to your fans

If you have physical tickets on hand and are ready to sell them to your fans, you can do so by creating a physical ticket product. These can be physical tickets that you made by hand, or hard tickets from a venue or promoter. Topspin does not provide hard tickets to sell, but if you are instead looking to create digital tickets that you can scan at the show, you will find more information on those here:


Create your ticket product

In your Products tab, create a new ticket. You will be able to configure all the details for your event here:

Fill out all the fields in the Settings module to create your ticket. Set the Delivery Type as Physical Mail Delivery. This will ensure that shipping addresses are collected at checkout.


We recommend setting your Sale End Date at least 2 weeks prior to the show so that you have ample time to ship out tickets, and create reshipments if any are returned as undeliverable. 

When physical ticket delivery is selected, you will see that fields for Shipping CostWeight, and Factory SKU will appear in the Settings module. These are for your reference only, and will not determine the price of shipping charged to the fan. The price of shipping will be determined when you create the offer in your Sell tab.


Save your work, and you will now see this ticket in your Products tab.

Configure shipping cost for tickets

The cost of shipping will be charged directly to the fan, and you will be able to set the shipping price when you create your offer within your Sell tab. When you get to the Shipping Rules section, you will be able to set the shipping type and price. Make sure to check the Require Shipping Address box so that this is collected at checkout.


These orders will show up in the Not Shipped filter of your Fulfill tab, just like any other physical order. All physical tickets must be shipped out via Self or Third-Party Fulfillment, and you will find more information on how to navigate your Fulfill tab here:

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