Pricing Your Tickets Follow

Price of tickets sold individually must equal face value

Tickets that are not bundled with anything else must be sold at face value. You will be able to set the face value of your ticket in the Settings module of the ticket page in your Products tab. See how to configure a ticket offer to make additional margin in the next section.



Adding margin to your ticket offer

The price for an offer that solely contains tickets must exactly equal the face value configured in your Products tab. If you would like to add additional margin, you will need to bundle your ticket product with something else in order to raise the sell price. As long as you add something else that can be valued in the package being sold (digital download, a t-shirt, or even a .pdf thank you note), you'll be able to increase the sale price for the offer within your Sell tab.

You can find more information on how to create a package here:

Select the package containing the ticket plus additional product in the Product Choice field of the configuration page within your Sell tab.




The price of this spin must be greater than estimated costs

If the selling price of your offer does not meet the minimum cost you will incur with each sale, you will not be able to publish your offer. Adjusting the price to equal the face value of the ticket will eliminate this error, and allow you to publish.



In the offer that only contains tickets, the price must be equal to the price of all tickets

Unless your ticket is bundled with something else in a package, the sell price for your offer must not exceed the face value of the ticket. You will encounter this error if your sell price does not exactly equal the face value of the ticket entered in your Products tab. See how to configure a ticket offer to make additional margin above.


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