Uploading Digital Media Follow

Navigate to your upload page


In your Products tab, click Add Product to select Digital Media.

Click Add Files to reveal your browser

You'll be able to select files one at a time from your hard drive. You can repeat this process to upload multiple files simultaneously. Once completed, you'll find your uploads in your Products tab after they finish processing.


If you are seeing an error with your upload, or are experiencing a delay more than 1 hour, check out this document to troubleshoot.

Requirements for image files

We highly recommend using PNG image files as they are most compatible. JPG files can be uploaded, but are sometimes less friendly to work with. Any size will be accepted, but if you have >600px wide RGB files, these will ensure a better high-resolution image for widget displays.

Image files must be less than 100MB. Any larger will be classified as a general File, and will not show up in your image carousel. These large files cannot be used in meta-data, and cannot be added to any products created in your Topspin account.

Requirements for audio files

We encourage you to upload Apple Lossless files as your metadata will be preserved exactly as it appears in iTunes. Other lossless audio files, such as FLAC, AIFF and WAV are also supported. Once uploaded, your files will show up in your Products tab as Audio Files. They can then be added sold in your Sell tab, and also be used in Streaming Players.

Lossy files such as MP3 or AAC can be uploaded, but will only be recognized as general files. These cannot be used in Streaming Players, nor can they be transcoded into the different formats you can make available for purchase, so uploading lossy files is not recommended.

Audio files must be less than 600MB. Any greater will be classified as a general File, which cannot be used in Streaming Players.


Requirements for video files

We highly recommend uploading videos in mp4 h264 format. Other video files such as .mov, .mpg or .avi are also supported, but may not be as compatible and may be recognized as general files upon processing.

Video files must be less than 600MB. Any greater will be classified as a general File and cannot be used in Streaming Players. 

Commercial programs such as El Gato will allow you to convert your video files to .mp4 format, which will drastically reduce the file size of your video.


Uploading large files

Files that are too large will be categorized as general Files, and will not be available for use in streaming players. If you are uploading large files, or great quantities of files at once, we recommend using our FTP uploader. It is generally best to use for all files greater than 300MB. 

It is important to note that files greater than 1.83GB cannot be reliably downloaded in Internet Explorer. We recommend breaking up large files into smaller packages for fans to download, and you will find more information on selling large files in smaller segments herehttp://artistsupport.topspinmedia.com/entries/21743236

Resources on downloading are available for your fans, and you can always direct them to our Fan Support knowledge base here: http://t.opsp.in/fansupport

Have more questions? Submit a request and our team will be able to help get you sorted.
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