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Limiting the number of downloads available

If you need to limit the number of downloads for a particular campaign, the best way to do this is to set a cap on the number of downloads available within your Products tab. You will find inventory levels at the bottom of each digital product page.

By default, these are unlimited, so that fans are able to download throughout the life of your widget or buy button. These levels correspond to downloads via E4M, Receipts (purchases) and also download links created in your Promote tab. Unless you specifically need to set a limit, we strongly recommend keeping this set to default so that you don't run into digital inventory issues later on.


If you do need to set a limit on the number of downloads, you will be able to do so here. Total Quantity is the number of times that the audio track can be delivered in that particular format. It is important to note that once the digital inventory has been exhausted, any download links that contain the audio track will display an error saying that the download is unavailable. If the audio track is in an offer that is live, fans will not be able to purchase, as they will not be able to download the track after they confirm their email if signing up through an E4M.



Removing a pre-existing limit on downloads

Once digital inventory has been limited, there is no way to reverse this. If digital inventory was initially set, but is no longer needed, the best solution is to enter a new quantity that is very high in value. This will ensure that there are enough downloads to distribute through your offers and campaigns. Save the panel and your fans will be able to continue downloading.


How quantity is counted

Links that are distributed via receipts count as 1 download. If your Digital Download Limit in your Artist Profile is set to 5, that means that a fan has 5 attempts to download from their receipt. If a fan attempts 5 times, the distribution through the link on that fan's receipt only counts as 1 in terms of digital inventory (not 5).

Downloads that are served through an E4M or Download Link created in your Promote tab work differently. Each time a fan clicks the link to download after confirming their email address via your E4M, this counts as 1 unit of digital inventory. If a fan clicks this link 5 times, this would count as 5 units of digital inventory. Similarly, if a fan clicks your download like 18 times, this would count as 18 units of digital inventory.

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