Setting up your digital album Follow

Upload media to your Topspin account

First thing's first. Each individual track or video must be uploaded to your Topspin account. Navigate to your Products tab, and then click the blue drop-down at the top-right to select Digital Product. The upload page will appear, where you can begin the upload process.


Audio tracksmust be uploaded in lossless audio format, in either ALAC, AIFF, WAV or FLAC. Once successfully uploaded, you will see these files categorized as Audio Tracks, which can be utilized in streaming players. Lossy audio types such as MP3 or AAC will be recognized as Files rather than Audio Tracks, and are not recommended for upload. More detailed instructions on uploading your media can be found here


Enter meta-data for your audio files

Meta-data can be entered for each track once uploaded into your Products tab. Don't forget to add your album art to each track! If you don't see the album art in your image carousel just above the meta-data section, you'll need to upload that as a digital file following the same instructions as above. Once uploaded, images will show up in the image carousel. Additional information on how to edit your meta-data can be found here


Create your digital package

Once your files have been uploaded and properly tagged with meta-data and artwork, you can group them together in a single digital package. You can then sell that digital package in your Sell tab, or even add it to a package to bundle with a t-shirt, physical CD, stickers, etc.

Navigate to your Products tab, and click the blue drop-down to select Digital Package. You will then be able to add each of the tracks that you have uploaded in the order that you want them to display in the cart, as well as the order in streaming playersMore information on creating your digital package can be found here

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