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Create exclusive bundles

Why should I bundle my products?

Using Topspin, you can bundle multiple products, both digital and physical, to create one-of-a-kind offers for sale. Reward fans for purchasing directly by putting together configurations of products only available through your artist store. Giving fans an incentive to buy is the best way to monetize your art, and you can accomplish this by creating offers exclusively available for purchase from you directly.

Group products as a single package

Once you have created the items you would like to sell in your Products tab, you'll be able to group them together as a single package.


Click "Add Product" and then select "Package"

If you have multiple product types, you'll be able to view items available to add to your package by toggling the drop-down view. Check the boxes next to the items you'd like to include, and then click Add To This Package. 


Here is where you can get creative with your store. You can create any combination of items once you have created each item within your Products tab. Add a digital download to the vinyl you're selling, or create a T-shirt + CD combo. You can add however many items to a package as you'd like to make available for purchase.

You'll just need to create one package for each configuration that you plan on selling. When creating your offer in your Sell tab, you'll be selecting the package you create, rather than the individual items.

As you add each product to your package, it will show up as an individual line item in the upper field as shown here. Digital items will show in blue on the left, and physical items will display as pink on the right.

Be sure to give your package a simple yet descriptive name, as this will be displayed on fan receipts upon purchase. Click Save to complete the configuration.



Once you have saved, your Package will appear as a stand-alone item in your Products tab. You will be able to navigate back to the configuration page from here if you need to make any changes.

Note: Orders will contain the exact configuration set at the time of purchase. If the contents of the package are changed after sales have begun, the changes will only apply to orders placed after the offer has been re-published. Changes are not retroactive, so we do not recommend changing a package once sales have begun.


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