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Gate offers and access to members

Create special offers and grant access to your fanclub by using Topspin's Membership product. Fans will be required to login to their membership in order to purchase specific offers, or view certain pages on your website. You can sell memberships, or you can give them away via redemption code.



Fans use existing logins

If you have created an offer available only to members, fans will be prompted to log in before they can add the item to their cart.

When signing up, fans will select a single network to use for access going forward. Once logged in, they will be able to proceed to the offer or page you have gated.

Fans who are not logged in, or non-members, will be redirected to the first login screen. You can provide a link to point fans to your purchase page by filling out the URL location in the settings below.

Creating your membership product in Topspin

Memberships are treated just like any other sellable item in your Products tab. You will be able to include memberships in packages, sell them independently, or even give them away for free.


In your Products tab, create a new membership.

Name: This is public-facing and will display a fan's cart.

Description: This is public-facing and will show up on the More Info page in your Spinshop.

UPC: For internal use only if you have an existing UPC. 

Wholesale Cost: If using the third-party payee feature, this is the amount that will be directly sent to your payee. Select the currency, and toggle the checkbox below to enable.

MSRP: For internal use only. This field is not required.

Duration: Choose whether you would like this membership to end after a specified period of time.

Subscription URL: This is where non-members will be directed to purchase a new membership at the login screen.

Selling your membership for money

Treat memberships like any other product

You will be able to sell your membership just as you would any other merchandise or ticket product. When creating your offer in your Sell tab, you will find that Membership is a selectable Product Type.

In the Product Choice section, select the product you've created, or a package containing this membership product. A button to configure your Membership's rebilling will appear, allowing you to automatically renew fan memberships (if applicable).

Set up automatic rebilling

You can set up automatic rebilling so that fans do not experience a lapse in membership. By default, this will be disabled until you turn it on. The rebill membership may not exceed the initial price of the membership, which is determined just below in the Pricing Rules section.

Note: If enabling this feature, let your fans know that their membership will automatically renew upon expiration unless they disable this on their receipt. For customer service questions, point your fans here.

Disable PayPal

It is not possible to automatically rebill a fan for their membership if PayPal is initially used for payment. A new order needs to be created for each PayPal transaction. Be sure to disable PayPal as an available payment method when creating an offer containing a merchandise product. (PayPal cannot be used for memberships, even if automatic rebilling is disabled.)

Granting membership access for free

If you would like to create a free membership to grant access to special offers and pages, you'll be able to do this by using redemption codes. When creating your code, simply choose your membership as the product to deliver. Fans will then be able to enter their code to bypass the payment part of the sign-up process. They will be prompted to log in with one of the displayed networks, just as fans would do as outlined above.

Note: Free memberships cannot be configured for automatic rebilling as there is no amount to charge upon expiration. Free memberships will not renew, and will expire at the end of the duration configured.

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