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Group your files together

A Digital Package is a container you can use to bundle your varied digital assets together. Topspin allows you to create any configuration to sell or give away to fans, and you will be able to group any number of audio, video, image or other files together as a single download. Fans will be able to grab the full contents as a single .zip file.



Bundle files as a Digital Package

Before you create your package, you'll need to upload the contents to your Topspin account. More information on uploading can be found here.

Once your media has been uploaded, navigate back to your Products tab and click "Add Product" > "Digital Package". 

Name your digital package and then select the files you would like to include. You can sort between the different file types by using the drop-down.

Check the boxes next to the files you would like to upload, and click the "Add to this Digital Package" button. Once added, you'll see the files appear above highlighted in blue as shown in the picture to the left.

Sell your Digital Package

Now that  your files are grouped together as a single Digital Package, you can then sell this as a single product. You can also add your Digital Package to a larger Package if you want to sell it alongside additional items such as merchandise, tickets or memberships.

If selling a CD + Download, you'll want to create a Package containing both the digital package that you have just created here, along with the physical merchandise product for the CD.

More information on creating an offer to sell can be found here.


Stream multiple files in a single widget

Once your files are grouped together as a Digital Package, you can create a streaming player, and also adjust the order that files appear. The order of tracks or videos in a streaming player is determined by their order in your digital package. You can more more information on creating your streaming player here.

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