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Communicate with your fans

Gathering fan emails is the first step towards building your business as an artist. Your fans signed up for your mailing list because they want to hear from you. Use Topspin's built in email platform to let your fans know what you've been up to, and to keep them excited for what you have next.


Email from your Promote tab

In your promote tab, click the blue drop-down on the right and create a new email. Here you'll find the compose screen, where you will be able to create your message. Choose your recipients, enter a subject, compose your text and send out a test message to make sure everything looks just how you want.

Choosing your recipients

You can select your recipients using a few different methods. Choose the fans you'd like to message, and make sure to click "Add" to add them to the recipient list.


Smart Groups: These subgroups are automatically greated within your master mailing list. Select "All Fans" to message your entire list, or choose a certain region to mail just fans located in that geographical area. More information on using Smart Groups can be found here.

Tag: You will be able to group certain fans with tags in your Fans tab. More information on tagging fans can be found here.

Manual Entry: Using this method, you'll be free to type in email addresses by hand. Make sure to separate all individual email addresses with commas, or your entries will be invalid. Remember, sending a marketing email to someone who hasn't opted into your mailing list is considered spamming, and is a violation of our Artist Terms of Use. Always make sure addresses manually entered are valid to prevent your account from being suspended.


Excluding certain recipients

You can also exclude certain groups of fans by using the same guidelines above.


Setting up a Scheduled Send

If you would like to set up an email to be sent in advance, check this box and fill out the scheduled ship date.

Note: It is not possible to edit your email once you have scheduled a send and saved your email. Make sure your email is exactly how you'd like to send before saving your Scheduled Send.


If you'd like to instead save a draft of your email to pick up where you left off at a later time, simply click the "Source" button at the top-left of the compose window. Copy that HTML and then save it to a text-editor. You'll be able to paste that in later.


Include a Redemption Code

You'll be able to include a unique redemption code for each recipient when this box is checked. You can give out downloads or access to a membership using redemption codes. It is best to set up your redemption campaign before checking this box in your email. More detailed instructions on this can be found here.


Campaign Name

This is internal and will show up as the name of your email campaign in your Promote tab. Be as descriptive as you need in case you need to come back to this email later on.



This is fan-facing, and is exactly what will show up in the subject line of your email. Make sure to avoid historically spammy words.



This is where you create your message. If you’re simply typing and don’t have an existing HTML mail template, use the default editor. You will be able to control fonts, basic formatting, colors, images, hyperlinks, tables, etc. 

If you have an existing email template, use the “Source" option. You can simply paste your HTML code into this box and you will be ready to go.


Notes when using custom HTML formatting


  • Mail servers and clients frequently strip <head> elements out and the presentation of your message may be affected. Always use inline CSS for styling. 
  • Make sure all your images can be accessed via the web. Any <img> tags should have a full path that you can paste in your browser to see the image file - e.g., vs ../intl/en_ALL/images/logo.gif
  • Flash media (contained in <object> or <embed> tags) behaves unpredictably in email clients. If you must use Flash in your email, don't make your primary message depend on it.
  • Topspin Purchase buttons will not function in Emails created in the 'promote' tab. Direct fans to a URL where your buy buttons and widgets instead of embedding them directly in the message



Preview your message before sending

Send a preview message to you and a friend. Make sure your email looks good in a few browsers. It will be worth the few minutes to make sure that everything looks how you expect, and that links point to the right place. Don't be caught by any surprises when your real email goes out. Hit "Send Preview" to send a test to the recipient(s) entered.

Note: Emails sent as previews will not be tracked and metrics will not be counted. Test as many times as you need to make sure everything is just right.


Sending your Final Message

After you’ve completed your message, check the box next to 'I promise this email is not spam and all recipients have opted in to my email list'. Then click “Send”. If you have a large recipient list, it may take some time for the email to reach all the recipients - this is completely normal for high-volume mailings. Messages are sent out in batches of 500 at a time, so if your list is large, please be patient. Stats will populate in your Promote tab once your send has completed.


Viewing Stats on your Send


Find your Email campaign under the “Summary” view of the “Promote” section. Click on the campaign name and you’ll be able to view data like number of emails sent, viewed, clicked, etc.

Note: Stats will auto-populate as they become available. Once your send has completed, you will be able to view full stats on successful deliveries, clicks and opens



HTML Email Best Practices

  1. You must use absolute links (, not relative links (.../images/imagename.jpg)
  2. CSS styles and stylesheets are not universally supported. All styles must be done in the div in the body of the html. e.g., <div style="font: 14px Geneva; color:#00CC99; "align="left"><br>
  3. Yahoo (and other) browser-based emails do not support any background colors in HTML. So always make sure your email looks good with a white background.
  4. Many many email clients do not support flash and JS. Make sure you're redirecting to a static HTML page.
  5. Most email clients do not automatically show images until you allow them. Make sure you also include a prominent, text-based call to action in your email design, as some fans may never choose to view your images. 
  6. Absolute positioning of divs is not consistent in email clients. Use relative positions for best results.
  7. To avoid triggering Spam alerts when sending emails to your fans, try following these basic guidelines published by our email services provider SendGrid: How To Avoid the Spam Folder
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