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Embedding HTML images in your Topspin emails is easy! Here's how to make it happen: 


1. When composing an email, click the "Image" icon in your email composition tools:



2. This will open an Image Properties modal you'll use to embed your image. Enter your Image URL (please make sure you're using an absolute reference to the image's location on the web):


If your image URL is valid, you'll see a preview of your image appear in the modal. You edit certain aspects of the embedded image here, for instance, the width and height parameters:


Click "Okay" and voila! Your image is now embedded: 




 What is an Image URL and how do I get one?

Images displayed in emails must be hosted on the web. They are essentially like any other files residing on the interwebs. They were uploaded into a folder on a site somewhere, and therefore have a location, or in other words, a URL. Bottom line, your image needs to be uploaded to some kind of hosting service to have a location. This could be your site, blog, or even Flickr account. The awesome Panda picture above is actually from my own private collection on Flickr. It can be a little tricky to figure out what the exact image location is for your Flickr images, so here's how I found mine: 

1. Go to your desired Flickr image and click into the "Share" options. View your HTML code. You'll need to do a little bit of visual digging, but it shouldn't be hard to find. It'll be the URL immediately following the <img src=" image element:




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