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Use Smart Groups to target specific fans

When fans are acquired through an email-for-media widget, their information is cross referenced through a public database (Rapleaf), which then provides additional information, such as age range, gender and location if readily available. You can check out Smart Groups at the left of your Fans tab here:

You can then target these specific locations to email fans for marketing blasts. Of course you can email your full list at any time, but fans in New York might not necessarily be your target audience if you are promoting an upcoming show in Los Angeles. Smart Groups allow you to target specific audiences to more effectively connect with your fans.



All Fans - This will message all email addresses currently subscribed to your list.

Postal Code - This will message fans within the selected radius of the postal code  you have entered.

Region - This will let you specify a specific region within a U.S. state.

Countries - This will allow you to specify which countries receive your email send. This is set to send to all countries by default.

Acquired by Artist Import - This will specifically email fans who were imported to your Fans tab, and NOT acquired through a e4m or offer.

Acquired by Offer - This will allow you to email fans acquired through a specific widget or buy button. Only fans who have opted-in to your list will be included in this group.

Purchasers of Offer - This will allow you to email purchasers of a specific offer. Only fans who have opted-in to your list will be included in this group. To email all purchasers, including those not subscribed to your mailing list, follow the instructions here.

Membership Holders - This will email only fans who are current members of your membership product


Use Tags to email specific groups of fans

If you are looking to email a specific group that is not automatically in a Smart Group listed above, you can use Tags in your Fans tab to organize your mailing list. When importing fans, you have the option of adding a Tag to later reference those fans aside from your full mailing list. You might want to specifically tag fans gathered through another email acquisition client, or maybe add a specific "2013 Summer Tour" tag to people who signed up for your list manually at your merch booth while on the road.


Creating Tags based on current fan data

You can also export your current fan list and sort accordingly to create your own groupings of fans. If you wanted to create a California-specific tag, the best thing to do would be to export your full list from your Fans tab:

Once you have the .csv handy, you can sort the document by column, and isolate just fans located in the state of California. You'd then be able to "re-import" those fans to your list, and add the tag "California" to group these specific fans together. Don't worry about duplicates, as the fans already in your list will not be re-added, but instead will just now contain the new tag you have specified.



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