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Build your email list with free downloads

Your email list is your most direct connection to your fans. Topspin's Email for Media (E4M) widget is a tool designed to help you effectively build your mailing list with valuable emails that you can market to down the road. When you give out a download for free, you can make sure you are getting a marketable email back in return by using an E4M widget.

When a fan enters their email in your widget, a confirmation email will be automatically sent to their inbox, asking them to verify that they would like to join your list. Clicking confirm will open up a new window in their browser, where they can download the media you have set up for giveaway.

This double-opt-in method means that a fan confirms their interest twice (once by submitting their email in the widget; a second time by clicking through in the email they receive). This is industry best practice, and also provides the benefit of populating your network with real fans who may be more likely to buy products offered in the future.

Set up your E4M

To create an Email for Media Campaign, go to the Promote tab and click "New Offer" then choose Email for Media.

  • Internal Name: This name will display on internal reports and analytics related to this campaign. This is not fan-facing.
  • Fan Facing Name: This is visible to fans if they share your widget
  • Headline: This primary call to action will appear in large text above the button where a fan will click to enter their email.
  • Button Text: This is the text that will display on the button where a fan will click to enter their email.
  • Confirmation URL: This is where fans will be directed to download after confirming. This must remain your Spinshop URL in order for a download link to be created. If changed, fans will encounter a "download not available" error, and your media will not be delivered. If you'd like to customize the landing page where a fan downloads after confirming, you will need to use Download Anywhere to create a specialized confirmation URL.
  • Custom Link Text: This optional text will display in the bottom-right corner of your widget. You can set the destination of this link in the next field.
  • Custom Link URL: This URL is where fans will be directed if they click the link in the bottom-right of your widget.
  • Email Sign-up Phrase: This is displayed instead of your artist name in any email sign-up flows, and also in the confirmation email sent to fans. More detailed information on customizing your confirmation email can be found here.
  • Email Sign-up Messaging: You can add a brief message to the confirmation email sent to fans upon sign-up. More details on customizing this field can be found here.
  • Offers API: Checking this box will make this widget available through website integrations that utilize the API. If you aren't sure what this is, you can leave this unchecked as it is not necessary for standard use.
  • Paid Affiliates: This distribution option does not apply to E4Ms and will be removed from this configuration page soon. You can leave this unchecked.
  • Test Override: This feature is no longer available and this checkbox will be removed soon. You can leave this unchecked as it has no current functionality.
  • Allow Sharing: When this is checked, fans will be able to obtain an embed code for placing this widget on their own website. They can also choose to share the widget directly to Facebook or Twitter. 
  • Require fans to enter birthdate: This option requires fans to enter their birthdate and provides more fields for customization.
  • Minimum Fan Age: Topspin requires minimum age of 13 to ensure COPPA compliance. If you need to ensure a higher minimum age (e.g. 18, 21), use this box to specify.
    • DOB Message: This is the text used to request a user's age. For best practice on COPPA compliance, we recommend you do not prompt why you're asking for the user's age, or note that you're requiring them to be over a specific minimum age.
    • Underage Fan Message: This message will be displayed to fans who do not meet the minimum age requirement of this campaign (age 13 by default).

Note: The size and color of the Email for Media widget can be customized by editing the flashvars in the embed code. Please see Email for Media Customization for the API Documentation.

  • Product Type & Name: Provides options to choose which assets to offer in exchange for an email. There's also an option for no product (none). Note: Only digital media is available in exchange for an email address.
  • Single Image: Allows you to choose an specific image in your catelog to display above the sign up form.
  • Product Artwork: Displays artwork set up for the product.
  • Enable Clickable Display: When turned on, clicking anywhere on the display image (the top 2/3 of the widget) will redirect to the page set up in the URL Field.
  • URL: This is where the "clickable display" will drive traffic. 


Preview and Publish

At the bottom of the creation form, you can see what the widget you’re creating will look like.

If you’re satisfied with the appearance of the widget, click “Publish” in the upper right of the creation form. You will be presented with a confirmation page that displays your widget and includes the embed widget code that you will need to place on your website. (Don’t worry - you don’t need to grab your embed code immediately. You can always go back to that Email for Media widget by navigating to the Spin > Summary page and clicking on the widget name).

Check out some of our labs tools, such as Download Anywhere and Bleach, which will allow for even further customization here:

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