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If there is an issue with the setup of your widget, or if the media configured is unavailable, you might see an error. The location of the error message will help determine what is happening, and you'll find how to troubleshoot each issue below.


This widget is currently unavailable.

Screen_Shot_2012-01-09_at_8.48.30_PM.png This error appears when there is an issue with the file set to be distributed through your widget. If a digital inventory limit has been set and stock has been depleted, there will be no downloads available to send out through this widget. Check to ensure that there are downloads available for the format being given away.
Topspin_Media__-__Widget.jpg 1.  Locate the file being distributed and find that in your Products Tab.

2.  Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and ensure that Quantity Remaining is greater than zero. If there are no products available to distribute, your widget will become disabled. More information on managing digital inventory can be found here.


If the above steps have not resolved this "unavailable" error, then your problem may be a bit more complex. If you are using Download Anywhere to have fans download at a URL other than your Spinshop, and are displaying your widget in a lightbox using the &fb=1 variable, please ensure that you have the correct Widget ID in your Download Anywhere configuration.


You'll find your Widget ID in the embed code provided in your Promote tab. Grab this Widget ID and use this in your Download Anywhere configuration.

Config_Setup_Page.jpg If the two Widget IDs don't exactly match, Download Anywhere will not work, and you will get the unavailable error. Matching these should fix your widget.

Oops! We can't serve the page you requested.

Screen_Shot_2012-01-09_at_9.42.31_PM.png This error will appear if there is no way to deliver the media set up for this widget. This can be caused by an issue with the number of download attempts available, or the landing page where a fan would be directed to download the media.

By default, the number of download attempts allotted per each download link is 5. If this is set to 0, fans will have no attempts to download and will instead encounter the above error. It's best to enter at least 3 so that fans can retry if their first download attempt fails. This can be set in your Artist Profile.


For you sleuths out there, the URL of the Oops page contains a telling clue: 



If that doesn't do the trick, be sure to check that your confirmation URL matches your Spinshop URL (which is set by default). We need somewhere to host the unique download link created for your fan, and by default, this is surfaced on your Spinshop, just above your offers. If this is set to some other URL, no download link will be created.

If you would instead like to direct fans to another URL to download after clicking to confirm in their inbox, set up a Download Anywhere to create a custom URL for this field.


I changed out the product in my E4M, but my fans are still getting the old product! 

When you submit your email address via an E4M, you receive a "Confirm and Download" email containing a unique download link (this link is yours and yours only, and is created only once). Since the objective of an E4M is to acquire new fans, the E4M only creates one download link per fan email. Let's say signs up and receives "Digital Package A" via your E4M widget. A month later, if you repurpose the exact same E4M by changing the downloadable product to "Digital Package B", only submitters new to this particular E4M will receive the new product. If resubmits the same old email address to your E4M, they will unfortunately receive the same old link for "Digital Package A". Conclusion: if you'd like to offer frequent downloads to your fans via E4M but want to avoid the aforementioned confusion, we recommend you just create a new E4M each time you offer a new product.  


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