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Display your Topspin widgets in a lightbox over any URL on the web

Your Topspin Email for Media widgets can be displayed in a lightbox over any page on the web. Click here to visit a working example

You don't have to be a web developer to achieve a widget setup just like the above example. All you need is: 

1. A basic understanding of Topspin's Download Anywhere Labs feature. If you haven't used this feature before, make sure to read through our Download Anywhere help article.

2. One Email for Media widget. Any Email for Media widget will do. You'll be entering your Widget ID into the Download Anywhere settings.

Add: &fb=1 to your Download Anywhere confirmation URL. 

Once you've created your Download Anywhere Confirmation URL, you can append a simple variable to it to create a whole new tool for your promotional widgets. Paste &fb=1 to the end of your Confirmation URL like so: 


Go to this new URL. The result will be a lightbox on top of your Confirmation URL (as usual), but will display your actual widget, rather than a download link. Now, you can this link to acquire email addresses and drop traffic off at any page on the web. Fans can also click "share to Facebook/Twitter" from this lightbox modal to share your lightbox widget with their social media circles.

Display a streaming player in a lightbox 

If you've successfully built an &fb=1 Confirmation URL (see above), you can try experimenting a little with your setup. In your Download Anywhere Configuration settings, find the section titled "Facebook Settings". If you have a streaming player in your Topspin account, try changing the Sharing File Type to "streaming player". Enter your Streaming Player widget ID and re-save your configuration. This will display a Topspin streaming player in a lightbox on your &fb=1 Confirmation URL, rather than an Email for Media widget. 


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