Collect emails on your Facebook page using an E4M Follow

Convert Facebook fans into email addresses

You have fans on Facebook and you want to message them about an upcoming show or release. Posting on your wall is important, but views are dependent on whether fans visit your page or see the update in their timeline. Email is the most direct connection you have with your fans, and this method will help you turn Facebook Likes into email addresses with one of our E4M widgets. 

Things you'll need:

Install the Thunderpenny app on your Facebook page

While logged into Facebook as the admin of your page, click this link to install the Thunderpenny's Static HTML app:

The app will create a new tab on your Page. If you'd like to change the image of the tab, you'll find instructions on how to do this in Facebook here.


Embed your Topspin E4M


When you paste you embed code into the index.html tab of the app, Facebook may display an alert highlighting the insecure URL in your embed code. The script is written like this by design so that it can be accessed by all fans. This is what powers your widget, so you will need to keep this URL in tact. You can bypass this alert and click to save your tab. 


Fans can now sign up for your mailing list via your Facebook page

Your E4M will display on your Facebook page and will function just as it would on any other website. You can further customize your tab as if it was any other webpage - just make sure that the embed code for your widget is exactly the same as what you have copied from Topspin.


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