Creating redemption codes for free downloads/access Follow

Distribute downloads/access via redemption

Redemption codes allow you to give out free downloads or memberships without requiring an email in return. These may be useful if you are promoting your work on tour, or if you want to offer special access to current subscribers to your mailing list. Any digital media uploaded to your account, and any membership product can be given away via redemption code.

Fans will be able to redeem their codes at a your Spinshop, or you can embed a redemption button on your own website for fans to access. An embeddable redeem button will be created just like every buy button available in your Sell tab.

Note: Free downloads are subject to bandwidth costs, as it costs real money to distribute media online. When possible, we encourage you to use an Email-for-Media widget to make sure you get back a marketable address in return.
More information on bandwidth fees can be found here.

Customize your code and the number of redemptions

You will be able to create a new campaign in your Promote tab.

Internal Name: For your reference only. This is not surfaced to fans.

Fan Facing Name: This name is viewable to fans who are redeeming their code.

Code Type: Choose between Automatic or Vanity codes. Automatic codes will generate unique combinations of letters and numbers per each fan. Vanity codes can be anything you specify, such as the city your are playing, or the name of your puppy.

Start Date: This is the first day that fans will be able to redeem your code. If they try to redeem before this date, they will run into an error preventing them from continuing. Times are in Pacific Time US (GMT -8).

Stop Date: This is the final day that fans can enter their codes to redeem. This date can be adjusted if you want to change this later on.

Redemptions Per Code: Limit the number of times a fan can enter their code for their download. Check the box for unlimited if you would like to make downloads available to anyone with the code. This is recommended when using a Vanity code.

Quantity: This is the number of codes that can be generated for this campaign. This is set to 500 by default, and can be adjusted later on if you need to make more codes. Check the box for unlimited to hide quantity if you plan on regularly making more codes.

Product Type: Choose between a Digital Package, Membership, Audio Track, Video, Image or File.

Product Name: Choose the exact product you'd like to deliver via this redemption code. If you are looking to deliver more than one digital product, group the contents together as a Digital Package.

Make it easy for fans to redeem

All codes generated in your account can be redeemed at a Topspin-hosted redemption URL (your Spinshop), or you can embed a button on your website. Both methods will open an iFrame above the page, similar to the purchase window. If embedding a button on a non-Topspin page, you can also provide an additional link to direct fans to our Fan Support team, who will be able to help troubleshoot here.

Once you have created a redemption campaign, you will find it in your Promote tab. Click your campaign to access it's configuration page. At the top center, you will find two links, which will provide a way for fans to redeem codes generated in your account.

Redeem button 

The top center of your configuration page will reveal the embed code for the redemption button that can be used for all codes generated in your account. You will use the same embed code for all redemption campaigns, regardless of what media is being distributed.

Click the link to copy the full embed code to your Clipboard. Paste this image on your website where you would like to direct fans to redeem. Fans will be able to click on this button to reveal the redemption window, and enter their code to download.

By default, the embed code provides a black button with white text. You'll be able to customize the image that fans click by following the same instructions you would use for a buy button here.

Redemption hosted on your Spinshop

Topspin also creates a permalink for all redemptions which you can send to fans. You'll be able to grab this link at the top of any redemption campaign within your Promote tab. This page is a modified version of your existing Spinshop, which will provide a redemption button for fans to access at the top above your offers.

Your default Redemption URL will follow this structure:

Once a fan has redeemed their code and downloaded their media, the redemption iFrame will close and they will remain on your store where they can begin purchasing offers immediately.

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