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Topspin's Download Links allow fans to download digital items from your catalog for a period of time determined and set by you. 

Please note: while contents in this link will be made available to fans free of charge, passthrough costs like bandwidth will still apply to your account. The link will function until the specified lifetime has expired and can be deleted but cannot be modified, so make sure all your settings are correct before creating the link. If you've created a Download Link and are having trouble with it, please try visiting our Download Link troubleshooting article.


To create a new Download Link, go to the Promote section and select: New Offer > Download Link. The screen will look like this: 

Modify Settings

You'll need to define a few pieces of information in order to create your download link.

  • Internal Name: Like any other offer, name your Download Link something descriptive. It may be helpful to include an expiration date in your link name so you can easily tell when it expires as you look at your list of offers—e.g., "MyPromo Exp 7-16-10" or "April MyPromo MyTrack". The internal name is the name that appears on reports and analytics related to the Offer. This name is not seen by fans.
  • Fan Facing Name: This is the name of your Download Link which is seen by the fans.
  • Link Life: Enter a number into the box and choose a unit of time—weeks, months, etc.—from the dropdown menu to define the length the link will be active. NOTE: The maximum timeframe for a download link is one month. Since bandwidth costs are passed along to artists, this one month limit is to prevent artists from forgetting that they have setup a download link.


Add Product

Choose the product you'd like to give away for free from the dropdown menu. It can be an image, a video, a file, a package, a digital package—i.e., an album or a bundle of albums—or a single track. Then select the format desired.



Once you've double-checked your settings and are certain they're exactly how you want them, click Publish to generate your unique download link. 

Your link is now ready to be distributed for instant free downloads.

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