Download Link Errors Follow

If you're using Topspin Download Links (created in the Promote section of your Topspin account) to distribute free music, and you're suddenly getting this error:


Do not worry! This is easy to resolve. There are two primary reasons this could be happening: 

1. Your Download Link has expired

Download Links do not live forever. When you create a Download Link in Topspin, you must specify the exact life of the link, and when that life is up, your link will cease servicing downloads to fans. If a fan clicks your Download Link after its expiration date, they will reach the error page above. This is not in error - the link has merely expired as intended. To see if your link has indeed expired, just visit the link you created in the Promote section of your account and review the expiration date you set: 

If this expiration comes as a surprise to you, and you'd like to keep downloads open on your site a bit longer, don't worry - you can just create a new Download Link in your Promote tab and replace the old link on your page. You can also create short-lived Download Links and send them to your fans via email - it's important to note, however, that Download Links are not limited links and can be used infinitely until expiration, so make sure any temporary links are sufficiently short-lived to prevent excessive use.  

2. Your digital media is out of stock

As covered in the How to Resolve Email for Media Issues troubleshooting article, it's possible the digital media you're offering has run out of inventory. This is not a major problem, as digital inventory is essentially limitless and more "units" can be added at any time. Here's how: 

1. Determine the media that's being offered via your widget. Go find the product it in the Products section of your account. 

2. Once you've clicked into the product details, scroll all the way down to the bottom and view the product's "Inventory": 
3. Eureka! If your product's "Total Quantity" or "Quantity Remaining" are zero, then the product is considered out of stock, and your E4M is closed for business. To fix this, just add a positive (preferably large) number to the "Total Quantity" field, and save. This will fix your download link fairly immediately. If you're offering a digital package containing multiple media files, make sure to check every single file - if one file is out of stock, your download will remain unavailable. 
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